Scientists: Man sees the world not as previously thought

Ученые: Человек видит мир не так, как считалось раньше

90% of neurons in the visual cortex of the brain are working inexplicably.

Scientists at the Allen Institute for brain research in the US found that 90 percent of the neurons in the visual cortex of the brain do not work as previously thought, and the mechanism remains unexplained. About it reported in a press release on EurekAlert!, writes

The researchers analyzed the activity of 60 thousand of different visual neurons of mice while the animals looked at simple images, photographs and videos. It turned out that only 10 percent of nerve cells work according to the proposed 60 years ago model.

According to the version developed by Nobel laureates David Jubelum (David Hubel) and Torsten Wiesel (Torsten Wiesel), there are neurons that respond to specific types of images, such as black stripe or a dot on a white background. First cells recognize fragments, after which the neural network of high level get a complete picture. This model became the basis for artificial neural networks for image recognition. However, it soon became clear that not all of the neurons correspond to the classical view.

In the new study, about two thirds of neurons showed a more specialized behavior than predicted by neuroscientists. The last third of the nerve cells did not respond significantly to any of the visual stimuli, and their function remains unknown. According to scientists, this does not mean that the model is wrong, she just should only a small population of visual neurons.

Experts plan to continue experiments to confirm whether there was a similar pattern in other animals, including humans.

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