Scientists managed to capture on video the mysterious inhabitants of the ocean

Ученым удалось снять на видео загадочных обитателей океана

This unusual species has been captured on video in California.

Scientists have found that in the depths of the ocean there are sharks, emitting a bright green light in the pitch dark. It can really scare anyone with a similar phenomenon is not familiar. The network has already posted a video.

Sharks able to the radiation of vivid green, live off the coast of southern California. At least scientists are nowhere they are no longer found.

The fact that the skin of these sea giants hard, long known and familiar. It turned out that some types of it can glow. Informed about it nothing was known.

Such capability has the shark, which is called wavy. Previously, its distinctive feature was not seen, as this species was not observed at great depths in complete darkness.

It turns out that the skin of this shark is able to absorb ordinary light and convert it into a bright green.

Scientists believe, therefore, attracts predator or prey, or partner.

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