Scientists named the best posture for sleep

Ученые назвали лучшую позу для сна

According to doctors, the quality of sleep is affected by many factors from stress to bad food. However, the key factor affecting sleep quality is the pose that we choose when to go to bed, writes the Independent (

In the course of some studies of American scientists have found that to avoid problems with sleep, such as apnea, poor circulation, neck pain and even nightmares may be able to help best body posture for sleeping. So, experts recommend that sleeping on your back – this will improve sleep quality and reduce pain in the neck and spine. Moreover, this position will reduce the likelihood of heartburn, experts say.

Shelby Harris, a specialist in sleep health and Professor at the albert Einstein College, told how to learn to sleep on their backs. She recommends to place pillows on either side of his body, and one between my knees. This method will allow not to turn on your side during sleep.

She also recommends to sew a tennis ball into the lining of the upper part of the pajamas on the side on which you usually used to sleep. Thus, during movement at night, the discomfort will not allow you to roll over in her favorite position.

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