Scientists recommend less likely to look in the mirror

Ученые рекомендуют реже смoтреться в зеркало

Women who are dissatisfied with their body or are too worried about appearance can increase self-esteem, if you stop constantly to look in the mirror.

Ученые рекомендуют реже смoтреться в зеркало

0К such conclusion researchers from the University of Florida (USA), writes Medical Xpress.

The study involved 84 female students. All the girls were worried about their appearance and felt about this negative emotions. Every day, the girls receive text instructions in which they were asked less often to check how they look. A control group was not given instructions. Within two weeks all participants were asked to fill in questionnaires about health.

Psychologists have identified 14 patterns of behavior that cause concern about appearance: for example, when a person seeks out imperfections on the face, straightens her hair and makeup, asked the opinion of others about her looks or compares herself to others.

It turned out that the girls who rarely looked in the mirror and checked how they look, feel empowered compared to participants in the control group. According to scientists, although the research need to be continued, reason for optimism already — self esteem can be adjusted, changing the behavior. The results can be reliable and men.

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