Scientists said it was possible to resurrect the dinosaurs

Ученые заявили о возможности воскресить динозавров

Experts and paleontologists explained how to bring the dinosaurs back to life and what challenges face the scientists. They also tried to answer the question, what with these creatures then do it.

For example, in the explanation of the experts took the film “Jurassic Park,” noting that described in the pattern concept can be implemented in real life. Moreover, scientists are ready. Today in the laboratories are stored not only insects, which may be dinosaur DNA, but the tail and the skin of one of them. Paleontologists believe that in the lower layers of the earth you can find them even more.

However, there is a big problem: scientists are not sure their DNA. So they can create something that previously did not exist. Or failure may occur in the regeneration process of the genomes, because DNA breaks down very quickly and irreversibly. The problem everyone will face: how to keep a resurrected dinosaurs and what to do with them is to tame them to fail. They will destroy cities, destroy infrastructure. There is a threat to humanity.

Source: VistaNews

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