Scientists said that Breakfast actually helps to lose weight

Scientists have debunked the main myth about eating right and losing weight. It turns out that the density of the Breakfast does not affect weight loss, even on the contrary – interfere.

Вчені заявили, що сніданок насправді не допомагає худнути

Scientists from Australia found that a hearty Breakfast, constantly talking about nutritionists, in fact, do not helps in losing weight. People that neglect morning meal weigh less than those who in the morning trying to eat for the whole day. A study of a group of scientists from Monash University in Melbourne proved these findings, informs Rus.Media.

A study of a group of scientists from Monash University in Melbourne showed that the rule that a hearty Breakfast in the morning reduces the daily number of calories consumed and leads to weight loss, it is not working. It turned out that the weight of people who skip Breakfast were on average 440 grams less than those who make food in the morning. Latest consume 260 calories more a day.

It is worth to note that the study involved people who carefully monitor their health, which eating good quality food. So swipe all on carbs or junk food, or the lack of a regime will not work.

However, this does not mean that you don’t need Breakfast at all – on the contrary, a regular intake of food in the morning may have other important consequences, such as increasing the concentration, the level of care in General. In addition, care must be taken when recommending Breakfast for weight loss in adults as it can have the opposite effect.