Scientists said that in 15 years the Black sea has become a dumping ground

Ученые заявили, что через 15 лет Черное море превратится в свалку

For the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, foreign scientists have conducted ecological studies of the Black sea and marine life. The results are very eloquent.

It turns out that the Black sea is one of the most contaminated parts of our planet. We analyzed Ukrainian coast, and it’s scary. There is chemical pollution — mercury, — said the head of the EU project and UNDP project “Improving environmental monitoring EMBLAS” Jaroslav Slobodnik.

From mercury to paracetamol
International project environmental monitoring AMBLES funded by the EU, highlighting the almost 3 million euros. The analysis itself took about two years.

The report shows that of all possible more than 2100 known contaminants that were looking for the researchers found in samples 145. The inhabitants of the sea discovered toxic substances such as mercury and dioxins. All because of getting into water of petroleum products from Maritime transport. Among other substances, whose presence threatens the environment of the Black sea: pesticides; water-repellent substances with clothes; a significant concentration of pharmaceuticals (e.g. paracetamol; adenosin against arrhythmia and telmisartan — against hypertension); and, of course, plastic and microplastics, which are the most serious threat.

Mechanical cleaning will not help
For example, on the coast, was discovered dead Dolphin. I suspect that he died after swallowing a plastic bag. In water such a thing can easily go for the fish, — says Sergey Dyatlov, head of the Department of water environment quality of the Odessa branch Institute of biology of southern seas of NAS of Ukraine.

According to the ecologist, today the main cause of pollution of the Black sea is plastic which is not degradable into environmentally safe elements.

Plastic particles, called microplastics, are often swallowed by the fish. In the result of marine life dying from or contained in the plastic toxins or become toxic and dangerous to humans, — says Sergey Dyatlov.

Head of the Department of water environment says: the problem with plastic in the sea water were always there, but if European countries try to control pollution of waters, in Ukraine this is all very bad.

Mechanical cleaning of the water, which is held in the Black sea, can hardly help in this matter. Here we need the organization to solve the problem is to switch from plastic to paper materials and organize the work of the landfills. Undoubtedly, the people themselves considerable “contribution” to the pollution of the Black sea, but more harmful, of course, the landfill that are not controlled by and is not organized as it should. And if now to leave it as is and take no action to save the sea, in 15-20 years already in place the Black sea will literally grow another garbage dump — predicts Sergey Dyatlov.

Not so black
But according to the head Department of the Ukrainian scientific center of ecology of sea Yury Money, the results of the ecological studies of the Black sea is not so terrible.

-We must pay tribute — the Black sea is not very dirty compared to the others (with the same Mediterranean), but the problems of course exist, and should be addressed at the state level. Abandon plastic, to learn to sort garbage and to regulate the process of landfills, — says Yuriy Denga. — A lot depends on the people themselves, but fines and prohibitions on littering will not help, if not those who directly regulate this process.

International experts from the program EMBLAS will now work on ways of cleaning the Black sea, and the first thing they offer to Ukrainians — to unsubscribe from detergents with phosphates and to ban the sale of plastic bags.

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