Scientists say that couples who argue a lot, love each other

According to recent polls, 44% of couples believe that argument more than once a week helps them to maintain healthy and productive relationships.

Вчені стверджують, що пари, які багато сперечаються, люблять один одного

In fact, couples who often argue, but always in a peaceful way, often remain together, because, despite all the petty misunderstandings, they know that their love is true and sincere, informs Rus.Media.

We will explain why a quarrel is a good sign for your relationship.

The dispute is a sign of a Mature relationship

Constant conflict avoidance is certainly not the best way to build long-term relationships. On the contrary, if you can clearly Express his opinion during debates, that means you are ready to transfer their love to another level.

Mature people do not resort to personal attacks or shouting. Instead, they are always trying to reach a compromise and to improve their relationship with healthy arguments

The dispute is to care

Of course, it would be much easier to overlook certain habits of your partner that drive you crazy. But the fact that you are prepared to endure all the pain and discomfort of a quarrel, to get a better result in the future may be the sign of your true love.

In other words, the argument means that you are more committed. Remember – how often do you quarrel with your parents or brothers and sisters? The same applies to your partner: if you argue a lot, it means that you care and you care about him.

The dispute, facilitates communication

That in your relations there was a trust, you must not be silent. On the contrary, you need to contact your partner with an open mind, to take responsibility for their actions and to listen carefully to each other. Since the dispute is one of the most important forms of communication and the most honest, it really helps enhance the feeling of intimacy, trust, and respect, and teach your partner to communicate with you more efficiently.

Вчені стверджують, що пари, які багато сперечаються, люблять один одного

The dispute is a sign of a healthy relationship

Psychologists believe that there are 7 key conditions for a healthy and happy relationship, and the dispute is one of them. In fact, if a couple never fights, it can be a sign that something is wrong.

Dispute helps couples to reconsider their values and feelings. However, the dispute must be healthy and not aggressive – always try to present their arguments without insulting and raising her voice.

The dispute makes the connection stronger

When you argue with your partner, no matter or you win or lose. The most valuable thing you will learn a lot about each other and, more importantly, about yourself.

Small conflicts help you uncover your true nature and show your partner how you are dealing with. And if you will be able together to overcome all the challenges, you learn to compromise and the bond between you will strengthen.

Argument saves you from offense

To be in a relationship is not so simple – if you care about your partner, you should always be flexible. And if the partner does the same in response, you can feel insulted.

The inability to defend their interests when it comes to important things for you could cause your partner to think that he can do whatever he wants, and your outrage will only grow. It is way to unhealthy relationship.

The best way to solve this problem is to vent their negative feelings and show your partner that you both have equal own needs.

Вчені стверджують, що пари, які багато сперечаються, люблять один одного

Dispute means you are likely to remain together

According to some studies, the greatest mistake couples usually make is avoidance – we often feel that something is wrong, but don’t say anything. And this poor communication becomes the most common cause of divorce.

Although you may assume that the discussion of sensitive issues will not help your relationship, it’s actually not. Dispute allows you to focus on their problems and solve them before they become too large. That’s why couples who argue together, stay together over a long period of time.

The dispute reveals your passion

Some couples do often like to argue, since they increase the level of hormones. Subconsciously, these people know that the dispute is only a symptom of their passion, and their truce will become even more passionate.

If you want your relationship was strong and prosperous, you need to let your emotions out from time to time, but not suppressed. But don’t forget to finish any fight in a positive way.

Dispute save us from boredom

Even if you are together for several years, there will always be some things about which you have a different opinion. And it’s not bad – constructive conflict can strengthen the spark in your relationship and make them more exciting. Just imagine how boring would your life be if you both always agreed in everything! So don’t panic next time you feel that between you and your lover will dispute. Instead, try to make it helpful for your relationship and future life.

Tip: How to argue with your partner

It is always important to remember that there is a difference between a “good argument” and “bad argument”, and only good can be beneficial to your relationship. Here are some tips which you must adhere to to turn your argument into a productive discussion:

  • Respect each other. You are both people with their weaknesses, so do not hit under the belt and not pressure things that can cause permanent damage to your partner.
  • Apologize. If you make a mistake, admit it and ask forgiveness. This small step will not make you feel weaker. On the contrary, it will show your partner that you still care about him
  • Observe the border. Never focus on the experience of their previous relationships or mistakes of your partner, which you already did. You have only one moment which it is necessary to speak.
  • Do not contact third parties. Attract your friends or relatives to your conflict may force your partner to feel lonely, so be ready to solve the problem yourself before contacting anyone.