Scientists shocked by the appearance of amazing lakes in the sandy desert

When a tropical cyclone Mekunu swept over Oman in may, he unleashed a downpour on the city of Salalah. Now satellite images show that after the cyclone in one of the driest places on Earth formed the present lake.

Similar lakes in the desert not appeared at least twenty years, according to the earth Observatory of NASA. Usually the desert of the RUB al-Khali gets a maximum of 3 inches of rain per year. This year it fell to about 28 inches of rain.

This is quite an unusual sight, but it also, of course, would be extremely beneficial for local businesses. 30 days after rain on the surface will make shoots of summer plants, and this vegetation for the camels will be enough for the next two years.

In the Arabian Peninsula are tropical cyclones a maximum of two times per year, but rarely, the level of precipitation there is still small. The current situation is a historical precedent, when the cyclone was accompanied by not only an incredible downpour, but the heavy wind. This in Oman and Yemen have not seen for a very long time. But new satellite images provide a strong reminder that these powerful storms have the potential to radically alter natural landscapes.

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