Scientists spoke about the amazing creature that can live a year without food

Ученые рассказали об удивительном существе, которое может год жить без пищи

This kind of salmon can be a long time is able to starve.

To such conclusion experts from the University of Washington who conducted a series of experiments. The attention of biologists has attracted the Arctic crossing — a kind of salmon, reports Zoobusiness.

— These fish in the first few years of his life to travel into the waters of the Pacific ocean. There are loaches and earn their living. After that, the fish returned to their natural habitat — that is, in fresh water, where he spent about a year. During this time char eats.

So, according to scientists, this type of salmon is able to live without food for over a year. And all thanks to the ability to change the size of internal organs, e.g., intestines.

— Fish can consume much more food than required by its body, if in the future a long time without eating — say biologists.

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