Scientists spoke about the knights of King Arthur

Ученые рассказали о рыцарях Короля Артура

In the world very rare surviving inscriptions of the early middle ages.

In the Tintagel castle was found a stone with the 1300-year-old inscriptions in Latin and Greek, and Christian symbols, indicating that the composition of the knights of the Round table were more cosmopolitan than is commonly believed, writes RIA.

Together with stone, which was the sill of the medieval window at Tintagel castle, connected with the legend of king Arthur, was found oyster shells, Turkish bowls, glass bowls from Spain, belonging to the same historical period.

“The writing style and the language used, as well as Christian symbols, showing the presence of contacts with the Mediterranean region, give us valuable information about the culture of those who lived in Tintagel in the seventh century,” says the expert from the University of London’s Michelle brown.

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