Scientists: there is a mechanism that helps some animals to restore lost parts of the body

To this conclusion came a group of American scientists after their research.

Вчені: існує механізм, який допомагає деяким тваринам відновлювати втрачені частини тіла

In organisms some living beings are special “switches” of DNA that control genes, which are responsible for the regeneration of body cells. To this conclusion came a group of American scientists after their research, informs Rus.Media.

Long been known that a number of animals have the ability to regenerate. In particular, sea anemones can repair damaged tissue even after cutting in half, salamanders grow back limbs, and geckos drop their tails when in danger, and form a new just a few months. What exactly is the secret of this phenomenon still remains a mystery. Now a group of American scientists are close to unlocking it.

Experts from Harvard University have carefully studied the structure and vital processes of trampoli Pantera worms. The results showed that a specific section of the DNA molecule controls the activation of the “General Manager gene” that got the name early growth response (EGR), which acts like a switch starting the regeneration, i.e. restoration of damaged areas of the body. So, during the recovery of the body of worms tightly folded and compacted DNA in their cells begins to unfold, allowing life to new areas.

“We were able to reduce the activity of this gene and found that in his absence nothing is happening, – said the Professor at Harvard University Muncie Shrusti. Animals just can’t regenerate, because all of these genes are not included, and the remaining switches also do not work.” Experts stress that overall they managed to find 18 thousand such sites, which are responsible for the regeneration of the body.

The researchers say that a molecule of human DNA contains the gene EGR, but until the regeneration of the body on a cellular level people are not available. According to Sravasti, due to the fact that this gene is only the switch. To start the process of recovery of the body need more genes, the mechanism of action of which the person is very different from the processes in worms.