Scientists told about asteroids threatening mankind

Ученые рассказали об астероидах угрожающих человечеству

Humanity should not be afraid of a giant asteroid collision is capable of destroying life on Earth, but a relatively small space objects, capable, however, their fall to provoke large-scale destruction. This opinion was expressed by Detlef Kosny, head of near-earth objects in the Department of space situational awareness ESA. According to him, our planet is surrounded by many celestial bodies of this kind.

According to the scientist, if the Ground rush of a really big asteroid, modern technologies allow to see him from afar and probably even to do something, said the expert. At the same time, according to the scientist, today, astronomers were able to detect only about a hundredth part of near-earth objects, the diameter of which is from a hundred meters kilometer — aware 4 300 such objects, however, according to theoretical calculations, their number may reach 430 thousand, and the trajectory of the movement of the vast majority of these heavenly bodies do not know anything. In addition, these asteroids can cause significant damage to the cities or even whole countries, if you fall to the Ground, stressed the expert, quoted by the These space objects the expert refers to as “stealth aseroids” — English language the first of these words can be translated into Russian as “invisible”, or, to be more accurate, “cleverly concealed”.

The scientist explains that, on average, once in ten millennia fall to the Ground asteroids with a size of about 100 meters, each of which could cause destruction on the area exceeding the area of Germany. Once a Millennium, with the planet facing a fifty-meter asteroid and celestial body the size of about two meters can fall to the Ground once in 10-100 years. Thus, many of the people currently living finds the incidence of new asteroids, comparable to the meteorite “Chelyabinsk”, which five years ago affected more than a thousand people.

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