Scientists told about the amazing giant snake that once lived on Earth

Ученые рассказали об удивительном змее гиганте, который когда-то жил на Земле

Scientists have published an article on the creation of which took a lot of time. We are talking about the description of a giant snake, titanoboa who lived in the distant past, reports news of the world.

Experts based on the study of the remains of reptiles found that the snakes reached a length of twenty meters and weighed more than a ton. In the real world no animal would be unable to cope with such a monster.

Titanoboa as a species have become extinct 60 million years ago. When archaeologists found the remains of an unknown creature, they plunged into shock. Scientists could not even imagine what on earth was infested with snakes such dimensions.

The size of the lower jaw of reptiles is the same as the four pythons. Therefore, if titanoboa he opened his mouth, then the person in full growth would quietly went out.

Because of the huge sizes of snakes could not be located on land, so lived exclusively in the ocean. Marine animals, including crocodiles and pliosaurus, avoided being tenth.

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