Scientists told about the benefits of a bad dream

Ученые рассказали о пользе страшных снов

Scientists at the University of Geneva jointly with colleagues from the US have found that bad dreams help people “train” the nervous system, with the result that she is better prepared to respond to possible stressful circumstances in real life.

Experts believe that the dreams can be utilized as a therapeutic method for ridding anxiety in patients.

The experiment involved 18 people. With the help of EEG experts calculated the activity of various brain regions during sleep.

The results showed that the feeling of fear in the dream responsible of the islet fraction and anterior cingulate cortex.

Islet fraction also affects the assessment of emotions while waking up and systematically activated while feeling fear. Anterior cingulate cortex helps to prepare the body to respond to the threat.

In the second experiment, which was attended by 89 people, the scientists found, the stronger a person’s fear during sleep, the less activated the islet fraction and cingulate cortex.

Thus was the connection between emotions in dreams and waking conditions.

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