Scientists told about the dangerous changes in the World ocean

Ученые рассказали об опасных изменениях в Мировом океане

Due to emissions of carbon dioxide the marine life is changing. If nothing changes, by the year 2100 the oceans may be nothing to stay.

Experts from Rutgers University in new Jersey launched a special yellow torpedo, which will be three weeks to travel around the local coastline. The device is equipped with sensors for measurements of level of acidity, salinity, and temperature. With the help of the experts want to demonstrate the scale of oceanic catastrophe.

According to grace Saba, assistant Professor of marine ecology at Rutgers University, fish, mollusks and other creatures are very sensitive to acidification. Because of this, there are no organisms on the coral reefs of Florida, and was destroyed oysters in the Northwest Pacific ocean. The danger from industrial carbon dioxide emissions so that by the end of this century, people may forget all about the seafood.


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