Scientists told about the dangers of long sleep

Ученые рассказали об опасности долгого сна

Doctors have warned about the health risks of those who are sleeping too much.

For anybody not a secret that getting enough sleep is key to health and Wellness. Need to sleep no less than 7 hours and no more than 9, though, to observe this rule is far from over.

It turns out that if a person sleeps a lot too, it occurs in the body, disorders that trigger the development of diseases, or simply reduced quality of life.

The risks to the long sleep?

To sink into depression. Of mental disorders-affected people that every night you sleep for 10 hours or more. This fact is proved by scientists.

Getting into the risk of diabetes. The overabundance of sleep the body becomes less sensitive to insulin, and this means that people can get sick with diabetes.

Obesity. If a lot of sleep and lead a sedentary lifestyle, then it is likely that every year your weight will increase by a couple pounds.

Bad memory. Scientists have discovered that people who used to sleep more than 10 hours, have much lower rates of memory and intellectual development than those who observe the recommendations of doctors, and sleeps 7-8 hours.

Persistent headaches. According to statistics, those who enjoy a longer lie in bed, much more likely to suffer from migraine and other types headaches.

The above health problems can appear on even the most healthy person, it should only start sleeping half of the day and night.

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