Scientists told about the existence of a second magnetic field of the Earth

Scientists have proved the existence of the Earth of the second magnetic field.

Вчені розповіли про існування другого магнітного поля у Землі

These data have been obtained with the help of the satellite Swarm, reports Rus.Media.

Scientists from the European space Agency for several years in conducting observations of the earth’s magnetic field, they use the information received from the satellite Swarm. Four years of research they came to the conclusion that our planet exists a second magnetic field, which is 20 thousand times smaller than normal and is located in the waters of the world ocean.

In the course of a scientific experiment found that the magnetic radiation is created using billions of electrically charged particles that are in the water. Most often ions dissolved in water, can be seen in the strong currents and tides. Data obtained from the satellite Swarm, helped scientists to map the movement of weak magnetic fields with large masses of water on Earth. This map was created in three-dimensional format.

Recall that the satellite Swarm consists of three satellites orbiting each other. Two satellites are at an altitude of 450 kilometers above the Earth, and one 530. The findings were presented at the annual Congress of the European Union of Earth Sciences at the conference, researchers of the ESA.

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