Scientists told how the Moon affected the origin of life on Earth

Ученые рассказали, как Луна повлияла на зарождение жизни на Земле

Scientific luminaries has put forward a new theory of the origin of life on Earth. Sensational views publishes News Ufa ToDay.

Scientists have learned that the first people came to light thanks to the moon. It has affected the fact that plants appeared on land.

Known version, life first appeared in the sea 750 million years ago. Many organisms exist in the water over millions of years. But 430 million years ago first plants moved into the coastal area.

According to experts, the Moon, have a huge impact on the tides, was the reason that the organisms began to live on land. In those days, the satellite was much closer to our planet and tides, with low tides were much stronger.

On the banks, exposed at low tide remained organisms, which are unable to survive in the new environment. But the strongest inhabitants of the reefs not only adapted to the new environment, but was subsequently seized the dry space.

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