Scientists told how to use microwaves

Now a microwave in almost every house and apartment. For many, this is an indispensable tool that is easy to use.

Вчені розповіли, як правильно користуватися мікрохвильовими печами

Many believe that they use it correctly, however, scientists from France said that such statements are false, telling the main errors when using the microwave oven, reports Rus.Media.

According to experts, to leave food without control in a microwave is not necessary. The fact that it can easily overheat and become hazardous to health, i.e. food that is heated, should see always. In addition, as scientists say, in any case, do not use plastic containers. The fact that the plastic contains a chemical called bisphenol-A. the Latter is released when heated and gets into the food that can harm the hormonal system of the person. It is also worth adding that during reheating the food to stir.

Experts also believe that most owners of microwave ovens are impatient, that is, cannot be removed from the appliance unprepared food, even if “my time”. When the food is ready, it must be removed carefully with gloves to avoid burns. The last Council is the removal of polyethylene because of the risk of melting the latter and the ingress of chemical elements and harmful substances.

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