Scientists told why humanity becomes stupid

Ученые рассказали, почему человечество глупеет

A group of researchers from the U.K. and Thailand presented their explanation of why the average IQ of mankind in recent times is reduced. According to experts, the reason for this may be the fact that the birth rate in developed countries is falling, and the average age of the population increases.

Scientists say that the average rate on the planet after long-term growth began to decline from about 1975. Until now, many researchers have tended to explain this by the fact that more intelligent women are, statistically, on average, having fewer children. However, the new data show that this factor affects average global IQ is partly.

The researchers drew attention to the fact that with decreasing birth rates and rising life expectancy, the population of the Earth and, in particular, developed countries is aging, and this is reflected in the results of tests on IQ. Scientists say that if you take only aspects of such tests are designed to test short-term memory IQ of humanity with the years, not only decreasing but even increasing. At the same time, older people are worse to cope with the tasks based on checking the so-called working memory, allowing to keep in the mind the information while the person works with her.

As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that the apparent “glubina” of the population in fact, most likely due to its aging.

Experts presented the results of their study in the journal Intelligence.

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