Scientists: touch favorite reduces pain

Ученые: прикосновение любимых уменьшает болевые ощущения

The scientific team from France and Israel have proved experimentally that touching a loved one has a pain relieving effect.

The study was conducted in Haifa University. Scientists have set themselves the task to understand the mechanism of anesthesia. The earlier version that touch partially block the passage of pain signal in the spinal cord or reduce the heart rate, they are not satisfied.

To study the process more thoroughly, they were invited to the laboratory for 22 couples at the age from 20 to 32 years.

Girls and their companions were seated in adjacent armchairs. And then called the fairer sex unpleasant sensation of pain by using a heating band. Thus, the EEG recorded changes in the brain under different conditions: when the subjects were in a room alone, next with a partner, but not with him holding hands, and when the man held them in his hand. It turned out that the last condition significantly reduced the pain, and the instrument recorded a high level of synchronization of neural activity pairs in a region of the brain responsible for processing sensory information.


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