Scientists unexpectedly found that the cause of cancer can be your favorite couch

Ученые неожиданно выяснили, что причиной рака может быть ваш любимый диван

The cause of cancer – your sofa such unexpected results have been established by researchers from Duke University in the research of materials used for the manufacture of fireproof sofas. In particular, it was found that such materials recent 74% increase in the number of cases of tumours of the thyroid gland.

Experts report that toxic substances used in the manufacture of fireproof sofas and mattresses, cause an increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer. This conclusion is based on the results of the analysis of the causes of morbidity of the families who have been exposed to flame retardants (flame retardants that slow the ignition and combustion). As statistics data that in the last decade in the UK there has been a marked increase in the incidence (74%) with thyroid cancer.

In particular, scientists from Duke University found that patients subjected to prolonged exposure to PBDEs (polybromodiphenyl ether). Although the use of these chemicals is strictly regulated, experts warn that this is not enough. What caused this large-scale spread of flame retardants?

Paradoxically, but widespread use of these materials in the manufacture of sofas, mattresses and carpets was a result of the repeated warnings of the government about the potential dangers of using synthetic materials in the furniture industry, and the requirements for the production of fireproof furniture.

Terry Edge, who last year retired from the Department of strategy business development, energy and industry in connection with the rejection of his proposals to limit the use of all flame retardants, announced that the substance indeed is the cause of many cases of cancer and other diseases. With particularly vulnerable children. American researchers explain this fact is the use of flame retardants. After analyzing house dust and blood of patients with thyroid cancer, scientists have identified that patients had experienced prolonged exposure to polybromodiphenyl ether (PBDE).

Although it was banned in 2004, but is still in the houses where the furniture purchased previously. Also cancer patients were detected high levels of trichloroethylphosphate — flame retardant, banned 16 years ago. Both of the synthetic material are carcinogenic, as disruption of the endocrine system.+

As is known, DecaBDE (decabromodiphenyl ether) — the most widely used among the PBDE is not prohibited, but its use is strictly regulated. These chemicals found in our homes, in household dust and enter the body through food and arms, especially high levels in children.

Brominated flame retardants also cause children problems in school. May cause reproductive toxicity. So, in men, lowered sperm count, and women having difficulty with pregnancy.

And government officials, and business representatives say the need to further control the application of flame retardants in the production of goods for home and life, as well as the ban in the next two years of DecaBDE (decabromodiphenyl ether).

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