Scientists: Why is it helpful to fake an orgasm

More than half of women recognize that pretend orgasm.

Вчені: Чому корисно симулювати оргазм

And those who do not recognize , almost certainly once did , but too shy to say so . Meanwhile , experts claim that the simulation of orgasm can help your sex life .

For the study interviewed about five hundred heterosexual women who were named as the reasons for their simulation fear , uncertainty , unwillingness to hurt the feelings of her husband or to stop the erotic game .

Moreover, these same women noted that the simulation of orgasm led to the fact that their partners are more excited , and this , in turn , was excited, and the women themselves .

It’s simple , psychologists say , is like NLP or visualization of success : if you play something , then sooner or later this happens to you . That is, if you smoote orgasm , you can “accidentally” cause a real . The brain is sending the right signal to the body – and everything happens .

The sex therapists insist that to fake an orgasm is only in the case that 90% of sexual acts with a partner you really ends in a real orgasm . If you don’t know anything about orgasm , don’t pretend otherwise your husband will continue to use strategies that don’t work for you . For the same reason you should not fake an orgasm in the beginning of the relationship .

However , note Australian sexologists , the worst enemy of women in the bedroom is she . Unwillingness to throw out the head and switch to a partner leads to the fact that it does not give a signal to other “sexual organ” ( brain) to another .

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