Scientists will be able to edit the appearance of the child at the genetic level

Ученые смогут редактировать внешность ребенка на генном уровне

In the UK scientists came to the conclusion that to intervene in human DNA not only possible, but necessary. In their opinion, such intervention should only be beneficial to the future baby.

At this stage, with the genes, you can do anything, the scientific achievements allow for such procedures. They are mainly used for the removal of genes for any hereditary diseases to the child never learned what cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other genetic diseases.

Many parents also want to be involved in DNA not only to heal the child, but also to change the appearance of the future baby. For example, will be able to change the color of eyes and hair, or its growth.

In their opinion, some amendments will help the child to better adapt to society, if he, for example, will not be too low, as children are cruel. Or that hair color was my mother’s and father’s eyes, not Vice versa.

Science can satisfy different whimsical desires of humans, and scientists from the Nuffield Council on bioethics decided to edit the appearance of the child at the genetic level is normal.

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