Scouts Fenerbahce watched Mikolenko in the match with Portugal

Скауты Фенербахче следили за Миколенко в матче с Португалией

Scouts Fenerbahce attended the recent match of the UEFA Euro 2020 in Kiev between national teams of Ukraine and Portugal (2:1).

The aim of the scouts of the Istanbul giants had left the running back “blue-yellow” Vitaly Nikolenko, whose contract belongs to the “Dynamo”.

In the face of Mikolenko Fenerbahce sees a long-term replacement for 29-year-old Hassan Ali, who recently spend much time in the infirmary.

It is noted that after receiving the report on the player, the user Fenerbahce Mikolenko included in the short list of players over the transfer which the club would be active during the winter break. Thus, at this moment, the Ukrainian ranks first in priority transfers to Fenerbahce.

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