Screening COVID-19: The CIUSSS wants to increase the number

Dépistage COVID-19: Le CIUSSS veut augmenter les effectifs

A significant increase in the volume of screenings for the COVID-19 occurred in the final days encourages the CIUSSS of the National Capital to recruit a sixty health professionals to come lend a hand to the teams in place.

Traffic has resumed substantially at the center of screening of Fleur-de-Lys. While there were approximately 200 tests performed daily at the trough of the wave, they have doubled, even tripled in the last few days.

According to Serge Garneau, assistant director of health services deputy CIUSSS of the National Capital, about 600 tests which are performed on a daily basis since the middle of last week, only at Fleur de Lys. With the mobile teams — there are four currently —, what are 750 tests which are performed each day.

“To act rather than react “

The organization therefore wants to do it quickly, and, if possible, and put to work as soon as tomorrow the new recruits, since it is estimated that the volume will increase further in the coming days. “It is secondary to the ad potential of a second wave. As we want to act rather than react, we want to really be prepared to perform all of the levies that we are required to do the CIUSSS, ” says M. Garneau, adding that the screening is the best way to counter the second wave.

A dozen employees, is at work at Place Fleur de Lys. The CIUSSS wishes to have 28 as soon as possible. The other recruits will be assigned to the mobile teams.

Occupations preferred

The types of occupations preferred for the recruitment of physiotherapists, dental hygienists, dentists, nutritionists, respiratory therapists, of medical technologists, audiologists, nurses or nursing assistants, who would have retired recently or who would occupy currently not a full-time job, says the deputy director.

The volunteers who come to lend a hand will receive training and protective equipment and will be entitled to a premium of 8 % linked to the context of the COVID-19. They can submit their application to the or

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