“Scumaci” Poroshenko and the names of the shooters of the Maidan. What he was talking about Elena Lukash on the court on the “Golden Eagle”

"Шкурняки" Порошенко и фамилии стрелков Майдана. О чем говорила Елена Лукаш на суде по "Беркуту"

Yesterday, a prominent lawyer Olena Lukash made in court by “Berkut”, who are accused of shooting protesters on the Maidan in 2014.

Lucas came in Svyatoshinsky regional court as a witness. At the time, she worked as the Minister of justice and was a participant in the negotiations of President Viktor Yanukovych and representatives of the Maidan opposition.

“Country” is the most interesting moments from the speech of Helen Lucas.

“Poroshenko came to scorecom”

His speech Lukash start from afar – from the law on Amnesty for all protesters on the Maidan in 2013-2014. She said that the wording of the law does not say about the peaceful protest. That is, the law itself admits that they are not peaceful. And you also need to grant Amnesty to those in arms was to overthrow the government.

So, Berkut officers, as representatives of the state militias, opposed to people who broke the law by trying to remove the legally elected President by force.

Then the lawyer started to give evidence as a witness.

For the first time with representatives of the Maidan officials of AP was found in mid-January 2014. Talking about Arseny Yatsenyuk, Oleg Tyagnibok and Vitaly Klitschko. “They regularly come to these meetings. And private meetings to Yanukovych in their own Affairs”.

“Regularly stood on the carpet in the reception Petro Poroshenko. Also I saw Yuri Lutsenko, Turchinov. My words can confirm the camcorder that stood in the national security Council at Castle lane and log books if any have survived”.

Poroshenko, according to Lucas, even during the Maidan Poroshenko came “to scorecom” – that is, on personal matters: “banks, deposits not to return his party to re-register”.

According to her, representatives of the Maidan Yanukovych offered their own versions of truce. “The negotiations were long, in vain, ineffective. On the carpet Yanukovych representatives of the so-called Maidan behaved gently, gently, understandingly, ciause, promising. All the time stated that they do not control the Maidan and scolded the activists,” – said Lukash.

Especially friendly behaved Oleg Tyagnibok, who at the meetings with the ex-President took off the mask of tribune of the people, and turned, says Lukas, a doctor (the first profession of the leader of “Freedom”) was extremely helpful, soft, “though applied to the wound”.

Going outside, they changed the rhetoric and called for radical action, says Lucas.

“Women blocked. They cry, they cry”. As captured, the Ministry of justice

Lucas described one of the meetings of opposition leaders with the President, which was attended by herself – and what happened after it.

“We were fruitless hours of discussion about the need to change the Constitution, there should be an Amnesty… And here we agreed on the number of rules that had to be made. Yanukovych was quite agree, but it was necessary to write projects. I took on this responsibility and returned to the Ministry of justice”.

There she instructed subordinates for a few hours to prepare a draft peace settlement to in the near future to secure agreement with the opposition. Which had the working title “broad compromise.” In fact it was a return to the 2004 Constitution, which reduced presidential powers.

The lawyer also explained why the leaders of the Maidan at the heart of all agreements laid the question of Amnesty. According to her, the protests don’t disperse, because among the activists were many participants in crime outside of the ring waiting for the responsibility.

These documents had to be ready for Monday 27th January. But in the evening of the 26th Lucas called the employee and Inna Yemelyanova stated that she was taken hostage on the street Gorodetsky, 13 (office of justice) people in balaclavas. They are bits of broken safes, looking for documents, demanded money, and no one was allowed out of the building.

“Women blocked. They cry, they cry, nobody comes to help. Nor PAROLE, nor the Ministry of interior, the Ministry of justice is not protected,” – said Lukash.

She called Yanukovych and complained that the security forces did not take the phone, and she now she will go to the Ministry. “No, it’s dangerous. Go out in the air,” – said the President. After that, Lucas recorded a video message and asked to vacate the Ministry building. Otherwise it will be initiated by the introduction of a state of emergency.
Then Lucas called the ambassadors of USA and EU. Then they personally accompanied Klitschko, who went to unlock the building.

“Lena, write what you want”. Who had the power scenario

Interesting turn of testimony Lukasz is associated with the agreement between Yanukovych and the opposition, which was signed on 21 February. The Minister at the conclusion of these agreements was not present, but she was obliged to prepare the legal justification for the postponement of elections and other issues.

Thus, according to Lucas, it is not dedicated in details. And when she began to ask signers, Yatsenyuk said to her: “Lena, write what you want”. That is, the leaders of the opposition did not care about any legal issues on the agreement that was violated by the Maidan immediately.

Lucas also remembers the conversation of the head of SNBO Andrey Klyuev with Yuriy Lutsenko and Oleksandr Turchynov. “Klyuyev very tough ask about weapons. Was opened warehouses – what do you think you are?”. Offer to maydanovtsam consistently was this: let them take the extremists, whom he knew in the interior Ministry and SBU. “And we agree – a peaceful protest will be a peaceful, political solution is adopted, a great compromise has been reached”.

“They weakly protested, but held steady. From which I concluded that a lot of weapons,” – said Lukash.

Despite this, according to her, Yanukovych was the opponent of a military scenario. And representatives of the security service and interior Ministry have only considered a limited action to neutralize the extremists on the Maidan, those who had weapons, trained armed men and explosives. They were known to the authorities through their informants inside the military groups.

However, this scenario required an agreement with the opposition, which was not to interfere with the operations Department for a peaceful protest from the extremists. This, of course, the protesters did not go. And do similar deals ex-President sound at least naive.

“If planned real power capture (Maidan – Ed.), I would know about it. I almost did not performed duties of the Minister, I “lived” in the presidential Administration,” – said Lukash.

HORDES of “Rebels” and the first dead on Institutska

Lucas showed in court the materials of the secret investigative actions of SBU – operational investigation case codenamed “Rebels”, stipulating the materials of surveillance of the protesters, who were preparing sabotage associated with massive loss of life.

Interestingly, the Prosecutor at this point tried to interrupt Lucas and said that here disclosed the materials of the criminal case. In response, the defense of “Berkut” thanked the Prosecutor that he officially confirmed the existence of these materials in the investigation. And the court was permitted to continue his report.

Lukash read that in the Kiev House of trade unions operated a chemical laboratory for the manufacture of explosives. There were several such points.

Separately, the lawyer touched on the massacre on Instytutska on February 20.

She zatsitiroval records of the physicians of that day. On the day of the massacre on Institutska, at 8 a.m., was wounded in the left thigh military internal troops of the press. Later, two more gunshot wounds to employees of “Berkut” Zubko and M. (died from a shot to the head). Further Semisub. That is, according to her, the first victims of the executions of that day to become law enforcement officers, not the protesters.

Only after that, closer to 10 o’clock in the morning, the doctors recorded the first dead protesters. “The documents that I have miraculously survived, confirm that the first killing of law enforcement officers,” – said the lawyer.

Only 67 shots have been fired at police officers (hits). That is the whole shots in the direction of the police was more. “All these materials have in criminal proceedings,” – said Lukash and the documents handed over to lawyers.

“Group On”. Who killed people on Maidan

Olena Lukash, based on the data of the investigation, said that he knew those who shot at people on Maidan.

“In Kiev there arrived different groups of people. Someone with chemical lab, someone with guns, someone after robbing military stores. These people United in criminal intent, shot. And not only on February 20. And this is confirmed by the judgments of the courts,” said the lawyer.

She read the draft suspicions 2017 in criminal case No. 55 Nazar Yushkevich – the repeat offender, who was identified by the investigation as the shooter of the group parasiuk, where there were about 30 people. “They identified by name”.

The group of shooters were from the Lviv region. They decided to prevent peace talks between the opposition and Yanukovych, says the business. Why and started to shoot people – that would inevitably lead to the escalation of the confrontation.

According to investigators, the shooters were in separate groups to arrive in Kiev under the guise of protesters to get to the Maidan to open fire on the police officers. “They identified – where, what weapons had.”

Lucas recalls that all of this information, but without some names, were in force at the time of power.

She also cited a passage case, which concerned Dmitry Linden – another arrow Maidan. The text says that on February 20 Lime firearms attempt on the life of soldiers of Internal troops – in particular, Markov.

Linden testified that about 8 o’clock in the morning saw on the balcony of the Conservatory of the people with guns, who shot in direction of police officers. “Then Linden took his “Saiga” (shotgun) and went to the Conservatory with a purpose to shoot at the police” – read Lucas (more about Fake testimony can be read here).

But in the end he did not shoot, and gave the rifle to Ivan Bell – one more arrow, which has admitted to having killed “berkutovets”. According to the Lime of his carbine was made about 60 shots.

Interestingly, Nazar, Juskevic in March 2014, caught on a robbery and got seven years. In this case, recorded that he was shooting from the same gun in February on the Maidan, says Lucas.

“Profitable – unprofitable: take your pick.” As bowed to the Association

During the trial, the conversation went in the direction from the events on the Maidan, and touched on the background to the conflict – the failure to sign the Ukraine Association agreement with the EU. What caused the beginning of the Euromaidan in November 2013.

Lucas was engaged in the political part of the agreement. However, later, at a meeting in Moscow, the Russians said that the economic part means the closure of the Russian market for Ukraine. Since the Association meant duty-free import of goods from EU to Ukraine, which has a free trade zone with Russia.

That is, goods from the EU thus find a loophole in the market of the Russian Federation, which Moscow has promised not to allow the restriction of trade with Ukraine.

Lucas said that he went with these questions to the EU Commissioner Stefan Fule. And they had a entertaining conversation. Justice Minister Stefan Fule said that the economic part of the agreement Ukraine is very profitable. What the Commissioner said:

“And he said, Len, and here is “profitable – unprofitable”. This is a political decision. Choose who you. I say: wait, Stefan, it’s not political. There’s the political part – two pages. It’s a bargain. Not only that it gives us nothing, and creates problems with Russia. Füle answered: choose,” – said Lukash.

She also said that the economic part of the Association agreement was classified at the level of the economy.
Vic Wenk

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