Seal heart: created Biogel for cardiac surgery

Заклеить сердце: создан биогель для кардиологических операций

Scientists from Zhejiang University in China have developed a Biogel, which is able to “seal” the heart.

He is able to cure a cut or break without seams and is eventually completely absorbed by the body.

To create a substance used polymers and water. It simulates protein “gel”, which promotes the healing of wounds in animals, according

“What is our life? Game!”Заклеить сердце: создан биогель для кардиологических операций“World mind games”: a premiere at the World Adhesive aktiviziruyutsya under ultraviolet light and is associated with proteins in biological tissues. As a result, it adheres to the surface of the wound and forms a sealed enclosure.

The new system was tested in the laboratory on pigs. In all cases, bleeding from puncture of the left ventricle stayed for thirty seconds.

Two weeks later, the researchers conducted a second survey and found no blood leaks. Moreover, the wounds almost not inflamed.

“No existing clinical products can’t stop the bleeding heart so quickly and effectively,” said the study authors.

The glue is strong enough to withstand the blood pressure two times higher than normal. So, the wound will not open until the heart will contract and pump out blood.

The substance also proved to be biodegradable. An experiment with laboratory rats showed that after eight weeks after application in the body remains only 20% of glue, and any side effects it causes.

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