Sean Penn admitted that he still loves Madonna

Madonna and Sean Penn

Sean Penn and Madonna divorced in 1989, but the tender feelings of the actor to the singer left. This he said while participating in the “Late show with Stephen Colbert” (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert). The presenter asked the guest who he’d prefer: Madonna or Britney Spears?

Ah, I love my first wife, ‘ replied Penn.

Madonna with adopted children and Sean Penn

Indeed, for Sean’s marriage to pop star, as it was the first. They married in 1985 and lived together for four years. By the way, in 2016, the singer publicly admitted that he is still in love with Penn and ready again to be his wife, if he receives 150 thousand dollars for charity, which she does. In the same year, she again admitted her love for him:

Sean, I love you, ever since I first saw you. Just wish you wouldn’t smoke so many cigarettes — publicly said Madonna at a charity gala evening.


Sean Penn

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