Search: dogs to detect the COVID-19

Recherche: des chiens pour détecter la COVID-19

PARIS | A French researcher wants to test the skills cynotechniques to identify the odors emitted by the patients declared positive for the COVID-19.

Dominique Nosais, professor at the national veterinary School of Alfort, near paris, develops its research in the hope of finding a complementary way for detecting the disease.

So, since Friday, some eight dogs are trained to Ajaccio, in Corsica, to detect any possible smell of coronaviruses, were reported with Saturday of the French media.

The trials are conducted by veterinarians and firefighters in the region most affected by the epidemic in the country.

Of compresses placed under the armpit of patients reported positive to the COVID-19 have been deposited in a trap, before that the animal might breathe in the smell. The jar will then be installed in a room of detection at the hospital.

According to the lying or sitting position of the dog, we will know the media containing the compresses positive, detailed Ouest-France.

Associated with the project, the university of Corsica, Haute-Corse, is in charge of the scientific validation of the protocol for information on the plan cynotechnique whether dogs can truly detect the smell of the coronavirus.

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