Season 2020: time is running out, according to Pedro Martinez

Saison 2020: le temps presse, selon Pedro Martinez

The former pitcher for the Montreal Expos Pedro Martinez believes that major league baseball has an interest to show his cards quickly if he hopes to save the season 2020.

The triple winner of the trophy Cy-Young was able to get a bell sound from the commissioner, Rob Manfred about the beginning of the hypothetical campaign, since it has formed a group of 40 dominican players – former and current – in order to contribute to the fight against sars coronavirus in his native country. Of course, this coalition including David Ortiz and Adrian Beltre have been heard Manfred say that there will be indeed a season, but the players start to think otherwise.

“I have spoken with several athletes the assets of the group and they think we will run out of time, said Martinez at the network, ESPN. The players must be ready, just like the league. Currently, one cannot say how one will be able to organize matches, but the commissioner has told us again that there will be baseball this year.”

A plan soon to be unveiled?

The major leagues hope to obviously have a plan in good and due form as soon as possible, perhaps by the end of the month. On the other hand, an increase in the balance sheet of the COVID-19 could dampen his enthusiasm. Also, it is important first to provide suitable work places for all.

“He (Manfred) we also clarified that the health and safety of all will be the priority. I trust that the well-being of the whole world will never be put in danger,” added the ex-gunner, showing his confidence in the staff of major league baseball and the players Association.

Bud Selig proud of the move of the Expos

The former commissioner of major league baseball Bud Selig, who does not already have a lot of admirers in Quebec, just to sink the knife into the heart of the former supporters of the Montreal Expos.

“The move to Washington has worked as well as I had imagined and maybe even better. I can say that this is one of the things that I look at with the benefit of hindsight, and baseball is stronger because of it,” said Selig in an interview published Thursday on the web site sports The Athletic.

If the former commissioner was perhaps not completely wrong, his words remain hard to swallow for a good number of Quebecers. In this same interview, Selig also reveals that the last manager of the Expos, the late Frank Robinson, was of those who believed that the club had absolutely had to leave Montreal.

Bud Selig

“Frank, it was Frank. He said to me constantly : “why are we still here?” said Selig, noting that Robinson blamed the lack of support from supporters and the lack of a concrete plan for how to leave the olympic Stadium. Frank always had an opinion and he was right.”

“We were moving the Expos”, continued the man who was commissioner until 2015 before we see Rob Manfred to succeed him.

Proud of the conquest of the Nationals

To complete the portrait, Selig admits to having watched the seventh and final of the world Series last fall, and he was visibly pleased to see the Nationals triumph, only 15 years after the return of major league baseball to Washington.

“It made me very proud, confessed to Selig. What we have done has been transformed from a constructive and positive manner.”

Without surprise, the former commissioner has not taken a decision on the opportunity to see a club in major league baseball to return to Montreal.

Wicked party for the Nationals!

The pitcher of the Nationals of Washington Patrick Corbin was admitted without detour, Tuesday: the celebrations of the conquest of the last world Series the club had been less rocky, but fertile in emotion.

After their victory in the seventh game of the final of the major league baseball against the Astros in Houston last fall, players from the training winning and celebrated loudly and for a long time, a little as did the Capitals of the national hockey League in the spring of 2018.

“We really feasted. It was put outside of the bar of the hotel, so we found another bar where we stayed until 7 a.m. in the morning. This was a real shot in the circuit, has commented on the gunner to the website Bleacher Report. We were all in a sorry state.”

“The next day, it was Halloween. We returned to Washington in the morning and we gave candies to the children, but we were all in a form execrable”, he continued

In October, the franchise formerly located in Montreal has won the first title of its history in a series where the seven meetings have been won by the visiting club.

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