Season complicated for the outfitters of the North Shore

Saison compliquée pour les pourvoiries de la Côte-Nord

The outfitters of the North Shore, have finally been able to launch their season with health measures, but it is far from being won, according to their association.

“It is a mess […] it is catastrophic,” said Charles Pinard of the Association of outfitters the North Shore. Himself the owner of an outfitter, he had to cancel the stay of its guests who had come to fish in the month of June.

But it has the remember as and that the health rules will be re-evaluated by the department of public health. But pulling a line on the beginning of the season, the president of the Association of outfitters the North Shore loses half of its income of the year.

This are mostly groups of friends of different places that rent cabins and go fishing, which complicates things with the COVID-19.

“Let’s say a cottage for six people with three couples. Now, it is necessary to divide them into three cottages. A couple per cottage. As long as you have the availability to do so, otherwise, you don’t take them. If you’re able to do, you do, but it is the same price for three cabins, three disinfections, three cleanings…” said Charles Pinard.

The owners of the outfitters want more government financial assistance to get through the next two seasons. They are also calling for a reduction in bureaucracy.

“We are sole proprietors of our companies. We are working in our company. You can’t be on the field and to make the administration, ” said the outfitter.

“I understand that it takes us the whole thing (forms) but the deadlines are increasingly tight, and we are in full opening of the season. What is the most important? These are the customers. Will need that everyone understands it in the network, because there, if one wants to survive until next year, it’s going to take us clients.”

Charles Pinard notes that the outfitters of the North Shore, were given only five days to prepare their facilities for the next season. The COVID-19 is another blow after the saga of the ferries, and the bankruptcy of Air Saguenay.

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