Secrets models that always work beautifully in the photos

Take note and rejoice with all your pictures!

Секрети моделей, які завжди красиво виходять на фотографіях

They know their angles winning

If you shoot sitting, the camera should not be placed below your chin – it should be kept opposite, or a little higher. Another tip: always slightly tilt your head down and submit to her chin forward – this will allow you to create the best neck line and emphasize cheekbones, informs Rus.Media.

They are confident in themselves and their appearance

Complexed, unsure of her appearance the girl is unlikely to be the beauty in the photo – just because she does not believe it. Relax, exhale, and not struggling to draw the belly – the camera loves ease, not strained attempts to seem better than they really are.

They do not smile in the whole mouth and slightly stretch the lips in a friendly smile

Occasionally someone manages to reproduce a sincere smile on a staged photo, that is why photogenic girls work more easy and natural expression on your face, stretching his lips in a light Napites. He, by the way, and has a light lifting effect – cheekbones seem more prominent, but look – open.

They can speak through the eyes

Each of us has had moments when a photo turns out perfect with one small exception – you have a semi-closed or closed eyes. Oh how annoying this is. Ask the photographer to count to three before you take pictures: time and two, keep your eyes closed and open them only when you hear “three.” So the look will be fresh and alert, not tired and clouded.

They don’t say “siiir”

If you really want to say something to seem more relaxed, tell me “money” – “Maani”. Or create your own variant, in pronouncing of which don’t have too much to open his mouth.

They practiced in front of a mirror

Okay, it may seem strange, but rest assured: all photogenic girls work out the pose, smile and even look in the mirror. Resorting to this trick, you will start to feel much more confident standing in front of the camera.