Security measures: the list of mandatory winter vehicle checks

No driver questioned the need to prepare the car for winter, but not all do it comprehensively. Therefore, it is useful to remind motorists again.

Заходи безпеки: перелік обов&#039язкових зимових перевірок автомобіля

Efficient bus

In winter the most important element of the car – engine or brakes, and proper tires. Even the best athlete in the world without reliable support feet will not be able to run, jump and reach the finish line. Not accelerating, not slowing, not turning. Wheelspin at the start, the constant chatter of the ABS when braking and the constant nerve-steer sooner or later end in sadness.

Fortunately, among the Ukrainians irresponsible drivers less – the majority of cold weather shifting to winter tyres. When you choose each has its own preferences and your wallet. Someone buys an ordinary friction tires (also called “Velcro”), others believe that winter to ride solely on the spikes. In fact, every winter tyres these species show the greatest efficiency in various conditions. “Stickies” – great for the city, and studded tires are indispensable in deep loose snow and ice, informs Rus.Media.

Wiper blades

In heavy snowfall “janitors” even at maximum speed can not cope with cleaning the windshield? This is because the wiper rubber from old age has lost its elasticity and they no longer adhere tightly to the glass. Timely replacement of this penny items will help to prevent graying of hair, when you have extra to go around the obstacle that suddenly appeared on the road.


Winter morning there is nothing worse than to discover that the car won’t start due to discharged battery. Keep the nerve cells are very simple: all you need is to check the ability of the battery to the onset of winter. After five years of use, the battery should be replaced preventively, until he discharged in the most inopportune moment.

Turn on the light

Given the shorter daylight in winter and the mandatory use in Ukraine from October 1 to may 1, daytime running lights or driving lights in the city electrical equipment shall be in working order. Do not put off until the last replacement of burned out light bulbs in the headlights: this can turn into a nuisance. Not to mention the possible penalty imposed by the police.

Engine oil

Temperature range of modern motor oils is quite wide, so throughout the year the engine worked properly using oil of the same viscosity. But on the eve of the winter routine oil change a few months overdue, it’s time to do it before the cold weather. In winter, the engine operates at high loads, and low oil level with accumulated in it products wear is the risk of serious damage, the removal of which will cost much more than the cost of new cans.

Washer fluid glass

If summer in the washer reservoir is allowed to fill water in sub-zero temperatures – only special antifreeze. Structure with insufficient frost or bought on the cheap liquid of unknown origin is not only a waste of money, but a high probability of clogging of piping and nozzles washing system. And yet – complete disorientation on the road due to freezing of the windshield.

The process fluid

If in the summer you refilled the cooling system water (some drivers still sin so), before the winter antifreeze should be replaced. Similarly – if the previous coolant change was more than five years ago.

“Summer” (3-5 years) brake fluid before winter is also better to replace a new one: because of the hygroscopic properties, it has gained from the air sufficient moisture to cause corrosion of the brake system and reduce brake efficiency.