Sedans and hatchbacks are less popular among Russians

Седаны и хэтчбеки стали менее популярны у россиян

Sedans and hatchbacks are less popular among Russians. The focus of the citizens in 2019 switched to crossovers and SUVs (SUV segment), according to the analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT”.

It is noted that for the last 12 years, the proportion of car owners from Russia who choose sedans has decreased 1.5 times – from 47% to 30%. In addition, hatchbacks, too, began to choose significantly less. Meanwhile, they accounted for about 25% of the market, and this year only 15% of new car buyers opted for the hatchbacks of different brands and models.

As for favorite of all crossovers and SUVs, if in 2017 they accounted for 17% of the market, now they take 43%. That is, the demand has increased 2.5 times.

Inside the SUV segment, it looks like this: for subcompact and compact (SUV A/B) accounts for 28% of the market of crossovers, another 42% of Russians choose mid-size (SUV C) and about 30% opt for large SUVs and full-size SUVs (SUV D/E).

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