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Зе и криминальные отбросы

Few people paid attention to who yesterday argued Zelensky. And this is the most important thing that everyone should understand!Despite the promotion peroxoborate pieces of “patriot” they’ve picked a pretty rotten “hero”…amber Denis A. 21.07.1989 year of birth – head of the “National body” of nikolayevshchina, the people Avakov.In the fighting the boys that were with him, did not participate, but distinguished “cleansing” of civilians in the Donbass involved, at least to the murder of a pensioner.He was wounded, while plundering one of the houses of local residents came under fire. Then ran home and proudly told everyone how “burned in a tank near Tashkent.”Avakov Biletsky made him the head of his gang in Nikolaev, because he’s got dirt on the gangster theme. Then Denis hunted mainly raiding and racketeering (he imposed a tribute of businessmen and squeezed the harvest).In March last year under the slogan of resignation baryzhnyh Governor Alexey Savchenko (also a former policeman) was captured with a gang of Mykolayiv regional state administration, taking hostage members of the regional Council. For him it was nothing. Typical disguised pseudofossil…We do not understand why the President decided to meet with this criminal scum, if there positions are our soldiers of the APU, which really are fighting, not robbing all summer, farmers in nikolayevshchina, and in the fall for the money Avakov are going to “defend” something, it is not clear from whom.Shawarma

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