See red unnecessarily

See red unnecessarily

During my career as a player, I received my lot of boxes, probably more than average. To this day, I still regret some, others not at all. The boxes that had a direct impact on my team's result are those for which I still have a little remorse.

Remorse, Rudy Camacho and Romell Quioto must have because by both receiving a red card, they were directly responsible for the last two losses of the Impact.

In addition, under the conditions in which they occurred, these expulsions are unforgivable.

Camacho and Quioto never thought about the consequences of their gesture. A Canadian championship and three precious MLS points, that's what these irresponsible actions caused the Bleu-blanc-noir and its supporters to lose.

To these, we could add the tackle of Emanuel Maciel in Vancouver the previous weekend which was at least useless, but which ultimately had less of an impact. Still, the Argentinian's red card didn't affect the outcome, but – and I could spell it for you if necessary – remains i-nu-tile.

How to sabotage yourself

Since Sunday, I've been scratching my head again about Quioto nudging an opponent from the Philadelphia Union. For the violence of the gesture, the attacker will certainly receive more than one game of suspension. But why did he feel so frustrated at this point in the game? I must admit that it is beyond me.

After 16 minutes at Red Bull Arena, the Impact got off to a good start and led 1-0 against one of the best teams in the league.

From the initial whistle, Thierry Henry's men had shown that they were in good shape and capable of offering a good performance. Suddenly, Quioto sabotaged his team's plans.

How in 2020 can players still afford this kind of gesture? Everyone and his mother know that a dozen cameras are aimed at the field and that the players will not escape the video resumption.

A few years ago, we could hope that the gesture would be done without the knowledge of the four officials in post that day. But today, you can no longer hide or camouflage these moody gestures.

Maybe Quioto never got used to video replay. If so, maybe the club should pass the memo to him.

Because after three games where they have to finish with ten players, the Impact cannot afford to continue in this vein. So far, the Bleu-blanc-noir has had to work for each of its victories, for each of its points in the standings. In this sense, it is a bit to his teammates that Quioto gave a nudge last Sunday.

Give rest

After the 70th minute of play against the Union on Sunday, it became obvious that the Impact would not return to the game. With the score at 4-1 and outnumbered, it could be agreed that the carrots were cooked.

With that in mind, I was surprised that Henry didn't use the five changes available to him. Personally, I would have protected the players who have accumulated the minutes over the past few weeks and who are essential to the success of the team.

Victor Wanyama, Samuel Piette, Saphir Taïder and Zachary Brault-Guillard would have deserved a little rest. Especially since the next game against the New England Revolution is coming soon.

In addition, making these changes would have made it possible to offer minutes to players the Impact will need by the end of the season. Especially if those that are used regularly continue to get kicked out …

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