Seen from Sweden, Quebec too

Vu de Suède, le Québec en fait trop

The high number of deaths in Sweden finally forced the government to obtain new powers, even if he still refuses to impose the confinement applied elsewhere in Europe. However, Quebecers living in the scandinavian kingdom praised the Swedish model put forward in this crisis.

“Honestly, I think it is a little exaggerated the containment. It is a little extreme, ” says Josée Perron about the situation in Quebec.

A native of Sherbrooke, she has been living in Gothenburg, second largest city in the country for the past three years.

During the interview by video conference, his daughter asks him for permission to go play at the neighbor.

Ms. Perron accepts from the outset, a scene now unusual here.

“She goes to school. Then, go to the home of the neighbor, there is no difference, ” notes the consultant in project management.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Sweden has been the bet of the individual responsibility of its citizens.

Gatherings of more than 50 people are banned, just like the visits in the retirement homes.

In addition, employees should stay home at the first signs of the disease, and telework is strongly encouraged.

The sick and those who are returning from a trip, they must be confined.

But the schools, stores, cafes, restaurants and bars remain open.

Josée Perron is concerned, moreover, the perverse effects of the containment of quebec, including the economic downturn.

Immunity to mass

At his sides, his spouse added that the approach Swedish rather help create the immunity mass.

“In order to defeat the disease, it is necessary to create an immunity in the population, while protecting the most vulnerable “, says Per-Olof Björkhede.

But now, Sweden had nearly 700 deaths at the time of the interview on Wednesday – there were 187 more in date of Saturday, compared with 175 in Quebec.

With its 10 million inhabitants, the nordic countries, however, has a population similar to ours.

In Stockholm, the capital of the country, Patrice Létourneau he also supported the measures the Swedish government and was surprised to see the tickets distributed in Montreal.

Just like Josée Perron, he deplores the international headlines that depict a Sweden negligent.

However, the escalation in the number of deaths to the fact now doubt.

“It begins to demonstrate that the model here, where the government placed the responsibility on the citizens, this is perhaps not necessarily the good “, noted the head of Fintech at Amazon Web Services.

Sweden “has not escaped” and is not heading scenarios, such as Italy and Spain, said Mr. Letourneau.

“But one can ask if one has not sacrificed the people at risk by refusing to put in place more stringent measures “, is it.

It is precisely this that has pushed Quebec to impose more restrictive measures, said the national director of public health this week.

“In our quebec values, our seniors, who built our country, have as much importance as the more young people,” insisted Dr. Horacio Arruda on Monday.

New powers

Before this rapid rise in deaths, the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven has finally filed this week a draft law granting him temporarily more power.

“We’re going to count the dead in thousands,” he confided to the daily Dagens Nyheter.

A petition signed by more than 2,300 scientists, medical doctors and professors urge him also to impose more restrictions.

Meanwhile, the situation does not seem too worry about the Swedish population, especially the younger people.

In Gothenburg and Stockholm, the two expatriate quebecers still have a glimpse of the terraces crowded this week.


  • 10,18 M inhabitants
  • 10 151 case
  • 887 dead
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