INVESTIGATION This is the passenger who spontaneously presented himself to the police on Thursday

Seine-Saint-Denis: A third man indicted in the case of pedestrians dragged through the street

The man presented himself spontaneously to the police on Thursday. — FRANCOIS GREUEZ/SIPA

A third man was killed. put in examination and écrou&; after the broadcast of a video shot last weekend showing a motorist grabbing and dragging two pedestrians until what they fall, announced; Saturday the parquet floor of Bobigny. This third protagonist, rear passenger of the vehicle, was presented spontaneously Thursday at the Noisy-le-Sec police station, in Seine-Saint-Denis, where the facts took place on Saturday night at; Sunday. He had been placed on guard at; view.

À At the end of this, the examining magistrate indicted him on the count of complicity. intentional violence having led to a disability working time greater than eight days in a meeting, with a weapon and with premeditation, announced in a press release Bobigny prosecutor Eric Mathais. The other two occupants of the vehicle, the driver and the passenger. the front of the vehicle which filmed the the scene, have them been arrested then indicted and jailed earlier in the week.

“”Laughs of the evening”

The amateur video, captioned “giggles of the evening” an outcry on social networks and is the subject of numerous reports from Internet users on Pharos, the platform for reporting illegal online content and behavior. The passenger films the driver who grabs a man while continuing to drive. roll, forcing the victim to run to fall to the ground. Then it’s another man’s turn to suffer the same fate.

A 64-year-old man, surnamed Ali, carried complaint against the occupants of the car. He was prescribed 45 days of ITT, suffering in particular from a broken shoulder and foot. “The authors had asked him to a cigarette. At the moment when he handed it to the driver, the latter grabbed him by the arm, held him back and drove off accelerating,” said the Bobigny prosecutor on Tuesday.

The second victim visible on the video was not identified with this day. A young woman, who does not appear in the images but says she suffered similar events, also wore a complaint.