Select a master key to the hearts of men of different Zodiac signs

Подбираем главный ключ к сердцу мужчин разных знаков Зодиака

Love is a beautiful and amazing feeling, especially when it is mutual. To attract the attention of the man she loved and find the key to his heart is easy: the only thing you need to know his Zodiac Sign.

When we fall in love, I’m afraid that our feelings will be non-reciprocal. From the point of view of the psychology of women are much longer and more painful experiencing unrequited love than men. To avoid this, you need to find the key to the heart of the beloved. To attract the attention of men, you first need to know his Zodiac Sign. This way you will be able to win over a loved one, relying on his character and preferences. Experts will tell you how to fall in love with various representatives of the zodiacal circle.


If the Rams set goals, they always achieve them. By nature they are the conqueror and I love it when everything happens the way they want. Their partner, on the contrary, should have a light character. Her goal is to prove to his beloved that in the pair dominates only he, and only she is his Muse, inspiring new actions. To win the heart of Aries, it is necessary to show weakness, sometimes even helplessness. If he asked you out on a date, let him choose a place and time. In no case do not show determination and confidence and never argue with him, otherwise future together? not a chance.


For anybody not a secret that the Bulls are a bit lazy. They do not tend to change and usually spend their entire lives with a single woman. However, even a balanced Calf would piss off the woman who violates the order and harmony in his house. If you want to connect the life with a representative of this Zodiac Sign, from the first meetings you have to prove yourself as the Keeper of the hearth. In dealing with Taurus demonstrate the practicality and peace of mind. Do not ever hint at wanting to go to an expensive restaurant: some time after the start of the relationship it is better to take the initiative and cook a romantic dinner at home. Don’t forget to decorate the table with additional attributes, such as candles, flowers, pretty napkins.


Representatives of the air element avoid contact with too serious and arrogant people, because they appreciate the ease and simplicity. So, if you want to win the heart of Gemini, you should be fun and easy going. Sometimes this representative of the zodiacal circle crazy thoughts arise, and you will be able to conquer it, if you support some non-standard idea. If on the first date you want to sit down in any quiet and comfortable place, you can assume that this was the last meeting. In addition, the Twins value their freedom, so you have to accept the fact that sometimes he wants to be alone with yourself or your friends. If the Union with erratic and freedom-loving man doesn’t scare you, you can start to action.


If you manage to win the heart of Cancer, then rest assured that your Union will be eternal. The representatives of this Zodiac Sign appreciate the comfort of home. Cancer man will be docile husband and caring father, but only if his wife is loving and economic. From the first meeting you should show him the seriousness of his intentions. Your task is to prove the Cancer that romance with him will not be fleeting, that in it you will see the future spouse and father of their children. Romantic walks, talking about the future together, embrace all of it literally melt his heart. However, before proceeding to winning his heart, you must remember that Cancers do not like jealous women. One scene of jealousy and you will lose him forever.


Leo birth feels like a king, all the other people — the subjects. The representative of this Zodiac Sign will never be with a woman who tries to keep him in the shade. So you have to admire her lover, even if his achievements no nothing. To assert her position in his life, try to tell him compliments as often as possible. In any case, don’t invite a Lion for a date in a cheap restaurant, otherwise all your efforts will result in the collapse. If the lion is king, that his companion must surely be Queen. You have to look like to his friends were a bit jealous of him. Become brighter and more noticeable, and you will be able to conquer the heart of a Lion.


Virgin in no hurry to tie the knot and can be looking for half of my life. However, if they will meet their soulmate, until the end of days will surround her with your love and care. So how do you win the heart of Virgo? Despite their commitment to the ideal, to fall in love with a male virgin is not difficult. It is enough to show that you deserve the seat next to him. You need to demonstrate their diligence to look after themselves and their health. He will definitely appreciate your efforts and understand that he wants to spend the rest of my life with you. However, to push the man-the virgin is even easier than to get his attention, especially if you overdo it with the compliments. Of course, your beloved man is the most intelligent, beautiful and charming, but no need talking to him about it. This activity can alert him that will soon lead to separation.


More than anything, Libra appreciates peace and comfort, and they need a woman who will be able to create a desired harmony. Your task is to show your husband that you are not only quiet and flexible, but also confident. If the Rams prefer to take all important decisions yourself, then Libra don’t like to take on such a burden of responsibility. Sometimes they just need help and care sweetheart and if you want to win his heart, don’t be afraid to look in his eyes stronger. Don’t hesitate to make the first step and make an appointment and be sure to tell him compliments. Any small sign of attention can open you the way to lover’s heart.


Compliments, hugs, and kisses are keys to the heart of your beloved. Scorpios love it when the woman herself provides them with signs of attention — it helps a man feel confident. In turn, your lover will not stand still and try to succumb to your seduction. However, Scorpio might not understand your intentions and accept your advances as an attempt to have a fling. To fall in love with a Scorpio, you need to constantly surprise him. You have to constantly open before him something new about yourself and hint that this is not the limit of your possibilities. So he is not bored with you, sometimes you need to tease him with its inaccessibility. Do not forget that a Scorpio appreciates in relations a passion, so no need to keep it in the “sexual hunger” for too long, otherwise he will simply lose interest in you.


For Sagittarius it is important to be admired, especially for the inner circle. You will be able to win his love, only if will always worship him. Sometimes thoughts and ideas are boring and far from reality, but even in this case, you should listen to him with interest and ask questions. Your accuracy and down to earth thinking can scare away the man she loved, and therefore you should strive to something new. Some sayings of men-Sagittarius can be so illogical that pisses you off. So you have to learn to be patient and accept the fact that your man is a little different from the others. Criticism and scandals will instantly destroy your relationship.


Capricorns are seriousness and commitment. For them career is much more important than a love of adventure, so be in search of his one and only they can be very long. However, if you make the effort, it is possible to melt the heart of even the most cold and strict man. First and foremost, do not need to impose his plans about your future together, thus breaking the usual order of his life. On the contrary, show that you are more interested with work and family and the comfort of home just your little dream. Don’t be afraid to tell the Capricorn about their efforts, and in difficult situations, ask for advice. Business and successful woman will entice him much more than sweet and romantic.


By nature Aquarians are inventors. They like to create something new and thus making the world a better place. In addition, the representative of this Zodiac Sign does not like to bind himself to the relationship, considering that it is a waste of time. But should he meet the right woman as his opinion immediately changed. To win his heart, you must become that which he sought all of his life. First, don’t let Aquarius entertainment. This does not mean that you have to tell silly stories and drive it in noisy places. It is better to invite him to a Museum or visit an experimental exhibition. Man-Aquarius wants to develop and gain new knowledge regardless of age, and therefore his partner must maintain its interest.


The man-Fish ready on all for the sake of the beloved, but only if it will be worth his efforts. The representatives of this Zodiac Sign is the most easy prey for women. They are open, flexible, and any relationship is considered as a serious and long-term. However, if you stay with him abrupt and rude, he will not hesitate to erase you from his life. To subdue the Fish, tell him your intentions. Sometimes you can use cunning and say that he’s your first and only love. Fish think about true feelings lie, it is simply impossible, and therefore he must believe your words. Most importantly — do not be afraid to give him a bit more attention, and believe me, he will never see you as too Intrusive.

Before proceeding to conquer the heart of the man she loved, learn, and do you really destined to be together. With horoscope compatibility, you will be able to know which Zodiac Signs will be very difficult to create a harmonious love Union.

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