Select the map and find out the Board for the near future of Your life

Выберите карту и узнайте совет на ближайшую перспективу Вашей жизни

You want to know the Board for the near future of Your life? You are self-sufficient or still need advice? If Your answer is “Yes, need” then relax, take a deep breath and select one of the three cards.

Card #1

If You chose card #1, which means that You have the knowledge needed to move forward, but You somehow do not always apply them in practice, and this may be due to doubt in Your abilities. Do you lack confidence in your abilities, and You don’t know where to draw that confidence and where to find support.

Let’s think together. You got a good education, have experience, have You had a great mentor, You have something to share with other people, with colleagues. Looking for certainty in Your own, perhaps small at first, the success and the support of people close to You. If You go to some of Your purposes, persist, listen to the opinions of others, but follow your way.

No one persuade, until you get a result that will tell for itself, words are not important.

Card #2

If You chose card #2, which means that You must pass the tutorial concerning Your relationship with one of the most important for You. You have a negative experience with this man, You miss his love, care, attention, and too little that was in Your life. You gnawing resentment, and the more, the stronger… Who knows, maybe this person came into Your life to teach You a lesson that You learn to forgive? You experience both the sadness and regret what You failed to do it, You have not learned to free ourselves from negative emotions. Your unforgiveness causes You to walk in a circle until then, until You learn the lesson.

You know, sometimes it is harder to forgive yourself than others.

Card #3

If You chose card #3, which means that Your project has all chances to be accepted and can bring You a good result in the near future. You may pay a decent premium, or You expect a promotion with an appropriate salary increase, and maybe You will receive a tempting offer associated with changing jobs. Be open to all proposals, do not say definitely “no”, even if You don’t immediately see the obvious benefits of these proposals.

You began a period of steady progress in Your career that can bring You very soon the long-awaited financial stability You’ve worked so hard for her achievements. Stay realistic concerning Your goals and You will be able to make progress in the future.

Don’t forget about your health and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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