Select the old key and find out your destiny

Выберите старинный ключ и узнайте своё предназначение

The key is actually a very important thing, isn’t it? The keys open the way for us and keep our defense from the outside world.

In this test, a collection of old keys that will help us to understand our purpose. Choose the cutest You the key of the proposed and learn what You can do.

1. Key Trikvestr

Also known as a Shamrock. An ancient, sacred symbol on that key. It was used by the Vikings and the alchemists, the symbol associated with the defender of the Nordic gods Thor and Banananas the God of the sea. The symbol of the triad encourages You to help keep balance in this world. Help, motivate, support for all who need it. Those who turn to You for help.

2. The Key Of Eros

Love is the perfect cure all kinds of illnesses. This is something You need to understand or remember. Love opens the door to success. Wounds of love is a heavy burden, it slows down the way. I sincerely love those who are dear to You, take care of them, rejoice in their successes. It will bring joy and prosperity to you and your family. You have the Grand gift of the most powerful feelings on Earth. It can work wonders.

3. The Key Of Aphrodite

This is the key of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, love and peace. The flight of the dove is a symbol of peace and freedom. You are able to show the beauty of this world and to maintain the spirit of freedom and harmony in the people who need it. If You are a creative person — create if You have the gift of words and persuasion, use it. Help people to understand themselves, to live in peace, to avoid conflict, to be loyal to each other, to respect their right to choose and be responsible for it.

4. The Key Druid

This is the key of the druids. It is decorated with a Celtic knot, a symbol of the relationship of the human soul and spirit nature.You are able to heal people of their spiritual and physical ailments forces of nature.You have developed an intuitu, many aspects of life, You know intuitively, on a subconscious level. Your mission is to help people to live well, to cherish his spiritual and physical health.

5. This is the Royal key

This is an ambitious key.Your calling to achieve some serious goals to achieve their success. You are the leader, You are a pioneer in many fields. You are hardworking and responsible person. You are able to work in a team and to lead people to the well-being and prosperity in their lives.

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