Selected best project of the monument to Alexander III

Выбран лучший проект памятника Александру III

The Russian historical society has chosen the project of the monument to Emperor Alexander III. The monument will be installed in the courtyard of the Gatchina Palace. The jury liked the work of the sculptor Vladimir Pogarskogo, reports TASS.

Note that the initiative to install the monument to Emperor belongs to the Gatchina Museum-reserve. Accepting applications for participation in the competition projects was opened on 1 June last year. Received four applications.

The monument project Pogarskogo based on surviving the first sketches of the monument made by the sculptor Paolo Trubetskoy – author of the famous equestrian statue of Alexander III that was originally established in St. Petersburg in Znamenskaya square (now Ploshchad Vosstaniya). Now the monument stands in the courtyard of the Marble Palace. Based on the new monument offered to take one of the unrealized projects of the sculptor, where the Emperor is depicted sitting on the throne.

It is expected that the monument will be installed by March 2020. The Grand opening will be timed to the 175th anniversary from the birthday of Alexander III.