Selena Gomez began to think about motherhood

Селена Гомес начала размышлять о материнстве

The singer, who won the hearts of millions with his beautiful voice and physique for the first time shared his views on family life and family relationships.

Mother of Selena Gomez is her Manager and so between the two of them often quarrel broke out because of work, but later they make peace again and can go for shopping or some Spa. Perhaps that’s why Selena still doesn’t know what kind of mother she is. She shared that it will be either a terrible mother or very good. Though fans believe that Selena will be an exemplary mother, haters think otherwise.

Gomez began to think about motherhood when a journalist asked about this when Selena was on the representation of the cartoon “Monsters on vacation 3: the Sea is calling” in which she voiced Mavis, Dracula’s daughter, who has a husband.

However, Selena said that 100% sure will protect his children until the very last moment.


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