Selena Gomez emotional answer to bodyshapers, criticizing her pictures in a bikini

Selena Gomez

Latest photos of 25-year-old Selena Gomez, in which she is depicted in a bathing suit, aroused her fans a very violent reaction. The star has been criticized by haters for gaining excess weight, and some even suspected opravivshis noticeable role in pregnancy. Selena did not remain silent and published in his emotional Instagram message addressed the critics of her appearance.

Being obsessed with physical perfection, which, like falling into the trap of seeking all the modern woman, is the beauty myth. It’s an endless circle of despair and self-loathing. They are trying to follow the impossible definition of the flawless beauty that is accepted in the society. I choose care of myself, because I don’t want to prove anything to anyone,

— written by Selena and released a video where you can see how she’s having a great time with friends and, it seems, absolutely no worries because of their appearance.




The reason of excess weight stars most likely lies in its disease — selenium a few years ago was diagnosed with lupus the red. With this diagnosis and weight fluctuations — a phenomenon quite frequent. In the autumn the singer made a kidney transplant (her Selene has donated close friend Francia rice), as she recounted in his Instagram and even showed the scar left on her body after surgery. The backdrop of this history of unjustified criticism and caustic comments of Internet users look particularly brutal. Fortunately, those who supported the singer, was very much.

Thank you for inspiring! We are proud of you

— write her fans in Instagram.

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