Selenski calling n’yat of warehouses that had for the future of Ukraine

Зеленський назвав п’ять складових формули майбутнього для України

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy calling n’yat of warehouses that had for the future of the country, Sered them — the world I narodovladdia.

For Yogo words, “the future formula for Ukraine” skladatelj z n yati of the constituents of I the first of them — the world. “Without peace development niyakogo Buti not Mauger. Mi hocemo the world on our umovah. Tobto s povernennya Ukraine territories of I our people”, — writing Selenski have their colons for the magazine “New times”.

Another factor Selenski calling “efektivn nstitute the rules prozor Gris, obov Askov for vsih”, flies to enter Peremoga over korupciju I runst vsih before the law.

Trem cinecom investitsiï yea, I need to tsogo “prebrati narodn bar ri I nepotrebno regular, that Hellmouth rozvytok to a b_znes”.

Will nastepnym skladovy, with the President, yea accno NSA infrastructure, flies included not only roads, but infrastructure medychne th osta, digital energetyczna, fnansowe the utility.

P ATiM factor VIN naziva narodovladdya. “Chi is not the declarative, but real. Mehanizm, that allow people vplivali on rsena Vladi — from Runa fishermen to rune of the President”, — added Selenski.

He wisna scho Mauger at a time Ukraine is not pretendovat on globalne lberto. “But we definitely can become nginamau kranou world. Kranou s navidson pace pozitivnih for change — not only in the economy, but I have vsih spheres of life. Chi can to bring to scho mozhlivo niemozliwe. To bring TSE friends, gate, ale first of all — by sobi”, — waja President.

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