“Send home!”: François Legault, asked the elderly to avoid the shopping centres

«Envoye à maison!»: François Legault demande aux personnes âgées d’éviter les centres d’achats

François Legault request to avoid older people hanging out in shopping centres, while Quebec now has 121 persons infected with the coronavirus.

During his daily press conference on the state of propagation of the COVID-19, the prime minister was keen to speak directly to citizens 70 years and older.

“This is not the time to be in the shopping centres, this is not the time to go spend an hour at the restaurant with his friends”, has launched Mr. Legault.

Despite the recommendation of the authorities, some elders do not follow the setpoint for containment and continue to shop in the malls.

“Send to home! insisted the prime minister, and the words of the song of Jean-Pierre Ferland. This is where you need to be.”

The Portuguese tarts of Horacio Arruda

Of course, the elderly can go to take the air, but not in a group, in shopping centres or restaurants, said the national director of public health. Dr. Horacio Arruda agreed that people can’t “hole up” in their house without doing anything.

It suggests to citizens to exercise imagination and take advantage of this period to indulge in activities of which they are deprived, all too often, due to lack of time.

Dr. Arruda account itself to take advantage of rare free time, in the days to come, to cook Portuguese tarts.

“I’m in the process of trying new recipes. Well, it will give me a pleasure, because I never have the time to do that,” he imaged.



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