Sensation within the concept. Putin on Ukraine at the annual press conference and not only

Сенсации в рамках концепции. Путин об Украине на ежегодной пресс-конференции и не только

© RIA Novosti, Eugene biyatov In his public speeches, Vladimir Putin quite often mention Ukraine. Sometimes his statements sound unexpected, but it is only for those who have not delved into the concept of Putin’s relations with Ukraine. However, sometimes the facts emerge which significantly change the view of the course of events.The basis of Putin’s approach to Ukraine only three elements.

Firstly, Ukraine is very important for Russia, because it is a neighboring country associated with Russia a huge number of “threads” which is one of the most important line of the project.

Secondly, Ukraine is a country populated by the brotherly people. And fraternal is one. For this reason, Ukraine was in the past and will probably in the future as part of the unified state with Russia.
Third, Putin is very important is the will of the people expressed in a legitimate way. Therefore, the question of sovereignty is secondary. Ukrainians want to be in an independent state? No question — Russia does not question Ukraine’s independence. Want the people of Crimea in structure of Russia? No question — Russia takes Crimea in its composition.

Actually, it was from this simple concept of Putin, as a rule, proceeds.

So it was at this press conference.

Key questions to Putin were questions about the future of the Minsk agreements and gas transit.

1. Under the Minsk agreements, Putin should take into account the views of the Donbass within Ukraine, expressed through legitimate institutions (in 2014 legitimate institutions were not, people’s Republic of the Russian President as such is not considered).

Precisely because Putin specifically stressed that Petro Poroshenko has insisted that the Minsk agreement was signed the people’s Republic of Donbass (they were opposed). Thus, Poroshenko de facto recognized the LDNR did the opinion of the republics important.

Actually, this statement draws on the full sensation and allows a completely new way to look at the circumstances of the conclusion of the Minsk agreements. As we have repeatedly noticed, in the Minsk agreements LDNR is not mentioned, and bind the representation ORDO it to them was absolutely not mandatory. Moreover, it is distancing from the negotiation process of the unrecognized republics were given greater freedom of action Russia and Ukraine, allowing you to attract even less popular, but more acceptable to both States negotiators from the Donbass.

But once the Republic due to the position of Poroshenko are a legitimate party to the negotiations, it is with them, and you need to negotiate.

Another sensational Putin’s statement is connected with the history — he questioned the transfer of Ukraine are native Russian lands “for the sake of increasing the share of the proletariat” (here again the theme of the will of the people).

Such land can be attributed only to the territory of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic, which was liquidated and transferred to Ukraine (by the way, on the initiative of Stalin) in order to increase the proportion of the proletariat. In fairness I must point out that other regions of new Russia (the same Odessa) also were in the Ukraine against their will.

If we talk about legitimacy, then it is very important to preserve the Minsk agreements are the only legitimate text that defines the relationship between LDNR and Ukraine.
2. Russia, as well as the United States, is interested in continuing gas transit. Russia does not want to tear this connection. The whole question in terms of reliability and transit. In particular, Russia insists on continuation of direct purchases of Russian gas and is ready to provide a lower price.

By the way, here is for the Ukrainian nationalists expanse — Putin wants to maintain gas transit, because it is a way of influence on Ukraine… But no. Ukrainian nationalists somehow think that the effect on Ukraine of buying Russian gas (which is objectively necessary to the Ukrainian economy), while transit (net profit) is not affected. Paradox. However, due to he just Ukrainian nationalists know what “money” but do not know what “earn”.

Here it should be noted that it is not only Putin’s desire to maintain ties with Ukraine, but with the fact of addiction — even after all other built threads still remains the dependence of Russia and the EU from the Ukrainian transit. Of course, to show this weakness for the Russian leader would be wrong.Summary: Putin seemingly said nothing new, but told information that was not there before. And the picture immediately gained a new shape. For example, the fact that Russia insists on the inclusion of the LDNR Ukraine as part of the Federation is exclusively in accordance with the wishes of Poroshenko. And Poroshenko had to insist that the leaders of the republics signed the Minsk Protocol, because otherwise, the only party to the agreements would remain Ukraine itself… Before you evaluate the diplomacy of modern Russia, is to appreciate the beauty of this game.Vasily Stoyakin

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