sensors to monitor exposure to waves installed in Bordeaux

    sensors to monitor exposure to waves installed in Bordeaux

    Monitor exposure of Bordeaux residents to waves emitted by 5G. This is the goal of sensors installed in the Gironde capital and “operational” since early December. The National Frequency Agency (ANFR), which installed them before the commercial launch of the new network, announced on December 22 in a press release. Bordeaux is the fourth largest city in France to acquire this type of sensors after Marseille, Nantes and Paris.

    In a press release, the ANFR specifies that it has placed these sensors in very busy places, “in height” at “about 100 meters from an antenna which should soon be activated in 5G”. The data will be viewable in real time on the Observatoire des Ondes. For its part, Bordeaux Métropole also announced in a press release on December 22 that it wanted “develop this observatory on the scale of the metropolitan territory.” The community will “from January to deploy sensors in the municipalities that so wish.”

    While 5G is debating among the population, a report commissioned by the government and released in early September concluded that it “there are no proven short-term adverse effects below” recommended limit values ​​for exposure to waves. Some mayors, like Martine Aubry, are however calling for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G, until a report from ANSES (National Health Security Agency) scheduled for spring 2021.

    Telecom operators have started to launch their first commercial offers to the general public at the beginning of November, after having paid 2.789 billion euros to the State to seize “blocks” of 5G frequencies.

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